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Thunderwing Hospital Progress

February 2020,

Now that Cod is the Friendly Dictator of Alapca-land, the Thunderwing Hospital is now under construction. Cod is also taking early requests from Alapcas who need to be treated for Latin Eater sickness, or any other problem resulting from Eebtihw's evil schemes.

The Thunderwing Hospital will be built in Pant-City, now the location has been released to be right next to Pant's Pant Company. According to the plans, the Thunderwing Hospital will be shaped like a Thunderwing Dragon, and will be purple. All of Alapca-land's high-tech medicine is also being created and transported to the hospital's site.

Cod has now announced that the Thunderwing Hospital will also be a site of learning and discovery.
"We still do not know everything about Alpaca-dragons, Dragons, Alarkas, and even Alapcas! I now decree that the Thunderwing Hospital will be an Alapca research center, focused on obtaining new information on the Thunderwing Dragons." And Cod is right, no…

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